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Mobius Vibration CAT II Course

CAT-II Course Overview The Category-II course spans four days with an additional half day for review and the exam. It is intended for people who have mastered the basics but who need to be able to take good data (and decide how the data collector should be set up), analyze a range of fault conditions, and understand […]

Mobius vibration CAT I course

CAT-I Course Overview The Mobius Institute Category I course is the ideal starting place for new vibration analysts, people collecting vibration data, and those who want a better understanding of vibration analysis and condition monitoring. If you are ready to get started in vibration analysis and condition monitoring, this course is for you. You will come away with a solid understanding […]


First vibration CAT III training and examination for 2018

You asked for it and we listened! PROACT would like to announce its first Mobius vibration CAT III course and examination for 2018. Enhance your knowledge and grow your career as early as possible in the year, this usually has a great effect on your job performance, satisfaction, and stability. Add a CAT III certification […]


Another Mobius vibration CAT II training in Abu Dhabi

We have just completed another Mobius vibration CAT II training and examination in Abu Dhabi. Although this training was announced with a short notice, the students intake was great. We had 7 excellent engineers sitting for the exam. A general comment was that the course setup was great, the printed material were top class, and […]


Noria signs PROACT as a Lubrication Training Partner

PROACT is very proud of their newly signed lubrication training and consultation partner Noria. Over the past 18 years, Noria’s approach has changed how organizations manage and monitor lubricants for maintaining optimum reliability and safety. They are the trusted advisor to the world’s leading organizations. Through cooperation with PROACT, Noria will have access to clients […]


PROACT with Rockwell in EGYPS

A photo showing PROACT’s automation engineer Ramy Sabry demonstrating Rockwell Dynamix Integrated Condition Monitoring system. It was taken at EGYPS exhibition in Cairo, February 2018. Ramy has over 17 years of experience in automation, most of it working on Rockwell products. He spent most of his career in UAE, Saudi, and of course Egypt. He […]


Vibration ISO CAT II Training in Abu Dhabi

Get this “Mobius CAT II Certified” logo with your name in the white space below! Add it to your reports, and let others recognize your deservedly earned experience and certified knowledge. Join our Vibration Analysis ISO-18436 CAT II open class in Abu Dhabi on 11 to 15 March 2018, and learn from our CAT IV […]


How to choose among proximity, velocity, and acceleration vibration sensors?

Many engineers wonder when and how to choose among proximity, velocity, and acceleration sensors when they want to monitor and analyze machinery or structure vibration. The traditional canned answer is “If you are expecting high frequency vibration then use an accelerometer, if you are expecting lower frequency vibrations then you are good with proximity, and […]


Part 2 – Why you must work with a condition monitoring system integrator

In part 1 we discussed why any organization that is involved -or planning to get involved- in a condition monitoring system project should work with a specialized condition monitoring system integrator only.  The main reason for that was the specialized experience and vibration skillset required to ensure such systems would deliver its full potential. In […]

Mobius ISO CAT II certification training for Adnoc

Proact has recently conducted a Category II ISO Vibration certification training from Mobius institute. Ten experienced rotating machinery engineers from Adnoc Gas Processing (Gasco) attended the course in Abu Dhabi and sat for the certification exam. The average number of years in the class was 20 years! So you can safely say that we had […]