AI Computer Vision & Video Processing Software

PROACT works with end-users directly and customizes readily made software to their needs. Our range of artificially intelligent computer vision and video processing solutions serve customers’ HSE and inspection needs. Here are some common features:

Industrial PPE Compliance

  • Detect people (not) wearing hardhats / helmets.
  • Detect people (not) wearing reflective safety jacket / vest.
  • Detect people (not) wearing uniform.
  • Detect people (not) wearing hand protection (gloves).
  • Detect people (not) wearing eyewear protection (glasses).
  • Select specific areas in the video for monitoring.
  • Classify and categorize people by uniform appearance (contractors, visitors, staff etc.).

Zone Management & Headcount

  • Select specific areas in the video as monitored or restricted zones.
  • Perform people counting on entries and exits, and correlate them with individual thresholds for specific zones.
  • Deduct the number of people entering or exiting from specific locations at any point in time.

Inspection & Maintenance Digital Transformation Software

We optimize every aspect of traditional processes of maintenance and inspection routines. We design an exciting visual and logical experience for users via specialized software that can easily be accessed from smartphones and tablets. Our software allows our customers around the world to record field data as well as to manage assets in real-time. This results in a leaner and smarter way to operate and maintain assets and equipment. Our software enables a predictive approach to maintenance, transforming traditional manual processes and ensuring improved efficiency, quality and safety in day to day operations.

Equipment are tagged with RFID tags that are scanned during the equipment inspection. The equipment unit is recognized and appears on a GA layout drawing and on the mobile device. The technician is then able to access information and the required documentation for the unit and perform an inspection. After performing all of the tasks, it is required to synchronize the device with the web system. The web system provides the management with an overview of the activities and a full audit trail of the inspection history. It also allows them to make changes and enables them to plan and assign maintenance and inspection tasks.