LV Motors and Boosting Systems Supply

Vibration, Ultrasound, and Thermography Services & Training

OT Cyber Security (Nozomi & TrendMicro)

Manufacturing Execution Systems - Energy Management Systems

Data Infrastructure - Historian (PI) - SCADA - Asset Performance Management

About Us

PROACT was established in 2013 in Abu Dhabi as a specialized engineering services company in the fields of industrial digital transformation (industrial software, IIoT, and energy management), and reliability services and supplies. PROACT helps organizations enhance productivity, efficiency, and flexibility while enabling more intelligent decision-making and customization in manufacturing and supply chain operations. We are an industry 4.0 technologies digital transformation value integrator, providing the best market-specific solutions using Big Data, Analytics, IoT/IIOT, AI, Robotics and system integration solutions with necessary IT/OT security to increase OEE and ROI aligned with customers’ goals and strategy.
Our strength lies in the team’s extensive experience in factories operation, maintenance, and reliability. We provide innovative products and services in the field of proactive and predictive maintenance, and digital transformation.

Our values

We are proud of being a solution provider. We are a modern company that strives to always be up to do date on latest technology. Safety, responsiveness, and transparency are our main priorities. We are committed to learning, and providing a great working environment for our employees.

Our Mission

We will always be creating or adding value for our customers and suppliers, continuously learning about new technologies, improving our skills, and providing high quality services and processes with integrity. We will strive to expand our knowledge, our suppliers network, and our customers reach.