Condition Monitoring & Inspection Equipment

Condition monitoring and inspection equipment sales is a PROACT specialty since 2014. We have supplied a large number of systems to industrial end-users and service providers. We provide training and aftersales services for all our equipment.

Ultrasound Detectors

  • Ultrasound Permanent Condition Monitoring Solutions
  • Ultrasound Portable Data Collectors
  • Ultrasound Leak Camera (SonaVu)
  • Ultrasound LubExpert precision greasing
  • Leak, Lube, Steam Trap, Tightness, Hatch, and Ultra Checkers
  • Ultrasound Transmitters & Sensors

Laser Alignment Kits

  • Shaft laser alignment
  • Geometric laser alignment

Remote Visual Inspection

  • 2-way and 4-way articulated videoscope with CCD and CMOS detectors with comparative measurement
  • Rigid borescope
  • Flexible fiber borescope
  • Security borescope
  • Hazardous (flammable) area videoscope

Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • Fixed thermal imaging cameras with central monitoring AI driven software.
  • Hazardous Area Certified Portable & Fixed Gas Leak Detection & Quantification Camera.

Vibration Instruments & Accessories

PROACT has the largest and most complete selection of vibration sensors and accessories. We have a long standing relationship with sensors, cables, connectors, and accessories manufacturers thus we provide the best quality at the best price in the region.

Accelerometers and Piezo Velocity Sensors

  • Industrial Accelerometers
    • 100 mV/g Standard and Compact Size Accelerometers
    • 50 mV/g Accelerometers
    • 10 mV/g High G Accelerometers
    • High Frequency Accelerometers
    • Low Frequency Accelerometers
    • High Temperature Accelerometers
    • Biaxial & Triaxial Accelerometers
    • Dual Output Accelerometers with Temperature Output
    • Wind Turbine Accelerometers
    • Underwater Accelerometers
    • Ultrasound Sensors
  • Other Sensors
    • Temperature Measurement Sensors
    • RTD Sensors
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Hazardous Area Sensors & Barriers
  • Low Power Sensors
  • Piezo Velocity Sensors
  • Multi-sensor Power Supplies
  • Sensors Test Equipment and Shaker Tables

4-20mA Transmitters & Signal Conditioners

  • Single Output Velocity & Acceleration Transmitters
  • Dual Output Transmitter (Velocity & Dynamic Velocity)
  • Dual Output Transmitter (Velocity & Dynamic Acceleration)
  • Dual Output Transmitter (Acceleration & Dynamic Acceleration)
  • Impact Transmitter
  • Velocity & Acceleration Signal Conditioners

Vibration Switches

  • Mechanical vibration switch
  • Internal sensor electronic vibration switch
  • External sensor(s) electronic vibration switch
  • Relays

Mounting Hardware, Junction Boxes & Accessories

  • Mounting Hardware
    • Rare Earth Magnetic Bases, Flat Surface
    • Rare Earth Magnetic Bases, Multi-purpose
    • Accelerometer Installation Tool Kit
    • Adhesive Mounting Pads
    • Adhesives
    • Specialty Mounting Adapters
    • Mounting Studs
    • High Frequency Magnet System
    • Accelerometer Quick Disconnect
    • Motor Fin Mount Probe Pads
    • Probe Tips for Portable Measurements
    • Protective Accessories

  • Junction Boxes
    • Switch Boxes
    • Switch Box Modules
    • Cable Termination Boxes
    • Barriers
    • Sloped Top Enclosures

Portable Data Collector and Analyzer Cables & Adapters Compatible With

  • ACOEM MVP & Falcon
  • ADASH (all models)
  • Azima/DLI DCA-31, DCX, TRIO
  • Emerson/CSI 2110, 2115, 2120, 2130, 2140
  • Erbessd Digivibe MX
  • GE Commtest vb5, vb6, vb7, vb8
  • Pruftechnik VIBSCANNER 2 & VIBExpert II
  • Rockwell/Entek Datapak/Enpac 900,1200,2500
  • SDT 270
  • SKF Microlog CMVA 10/55/60 & CMXA44/50/55/70)
  • SPM Leonova Diamond


With over 10 years of experience in pumping system designs, we offer our customers like-to-like replacements and upgrades of their existing pneumatic pumps and gas boosters and amplifiers. We also Design and Manufacture customized Skid mounted systems & Packages.

Pneumatic Liquid Pumps / Gas Booster Pumps / Air Amplifier

  • High pressure Liquid Pumps (reciprocating plunger pumps), single and double acting, up to 45,000 PSI
  • Gas boosters (reciprocating piston pumps), single & double acting single stage and 2 stage units, for dissimilar drive and process gases
  • Gas Amplifier, for identical drive and process gases
  • Custom engineered and pre-designed self contained test packs, and boosting systems. Complete with all needed regulators, filters, valves, gauges, and recorders as per customer application needs.

Chemical Injection pumps

  • Solar/DC Driven Pumps
  • AC Driven Pumps
  • Pneumatic/Gas Driven Pumps
  • High Efficiency Pumps
  • High Pressure ( up to 10,000 PSI) Chemical Injection Pumps
  • Complete chemical injection skid design and manufacturing
  • Applications: Chemical injection, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, foamers, H2S and O2 scavengers, and scale inhibitors.

Electric Motors & Drives

LV & MV motors

  • Squirrel Cage Motor
  • Wound Motor
  • Open Drip Proof Motor
  • Synchronous Motor
  • Flameproof motors
  • Evaporative Cooler Motor
  • Vibration Motor