Get this “Mobius CAT II Certified” logo with your name in the white space below! Add it to your reports, and let others recognize your deservedly earned experience and certified knowledge. Join our Vibration Analysis ISO-18436 CAT II open class in Abu Dhabi on 11 to 15 March 2018, and learn from our CAT IV certified instructor. 3 seats remaining! For pricing and more information, please send an email to

Our instructor Mr. Khaled Ibrahim is a CAT IV certified engineer and accredited instructor with 17 years of vibration analysis and mechanical maintenance experience. He worked in various organizations in UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Iraq, and Egypt. Most of he career is spent on oil and gas sites, as well as in power and water treatment plant, and heavy industries.

The course fees will cover the following:

  • Vibration Analysis ISO-18436 level II Course printed material (colored)
  • Vibration Analysis ISO-18436 level II working sheets
  • Vibration Analysis ISO-18436 level II booklet (colored)
  • Mobius mouse pad and calculator
  • Access to online training material
  • Interactive preparation exam
  • Course venue in a luxurious and comfortable hotel hall, with daily snacks and coffee breaks
  • Lunch in hotel restaurant
  • Valet parking
  • Visiting speakers from our Thermography and Ultrasound certified team

Please note that in order to obtain the maximum benefit from this class; you will need to review the course material online “before” the start date of the course. This review will be logged and audited by the certifying body, and is a prerequisite for obtaining the certificate. In our experience this will require approximately 2 weeks, and will highly improve your ability to digest any complex topics when discussed in the classroom.

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