Proact has recently conducted a Category II ISO Vibration certification training from Mobius institute. Ten experienced rotating machinery engineers from Adnoc Gas Processing (Gasco) attended the course in Abu Dhabi and sat for the certification exam.

The average number of years in the class was 20 years! So you can safely say that we had technical debates originating from a collective 230 years of experience in rotating machinery maintenance, engineering, and vibration analysis.

The course was conducted by our experienced Eng. Khaled Ibrahim (CAT IV), and followed the regulations of ISO and Mobius to the finest detail.

We would like to welcome our colleagues from Adnoc Gas Processing to the Mobius vibration professionals community, wishing them luck in their vibration learning journey, and hoping to see them in our Category III public training in March 2018.

If you are interested in vibration, thermography, ultrasound, lubrication, or reliability training then please send us an email at

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