Course Overview

Whether you are seeking to become certified as a CMRP*, CRL™ or in some other way, or whether you are focused on mastering the knowledge you need to implement a successful reliability improvement and condition monitoring program, iLearnReliability™ provides the perfect coverage of topics and self-paced training style to ensure you achieve your goals.


What you want to learn is very important, but there is a lot to learn.  Reading books and attending conferences is a slow and unstructured way to learn – you need a streamlined training course that takes you through the A to Z of reliability improvement, modern maintenance practices, and condition monitoring.  You don’t need to be a supreme expert in every single subject area, but you need to know enough to be able to lead a program (or substantially contribute to a program), provide guidance to others, and pass a reliability examination if that’s your desire.


Mobius Institute creates successful reliability champions through iLearnReliability’s unique approach to learning.  Utilizing animations, simulations, quizzes and voice narration, we use an unsurpassed training methodology that makes complex concepts easy (and interesting) to learn and understand.


Topics Covered

iLearnReliability [Professional Development] covers the topics that you will need to master in order to understand asset management, leadership, the strategy of plant reliability improvement and the individual building blocks required for a successful implementation.  We have categorized them for simplicity:


Roadmap to Reliability | Leadership and executive sponsorship | Benchmarking and KPIs | Developing a reliability culture | Change management


Criticality Analysis | Defect elimination | RCM Reliability Centered Maintenance | FMEA Failure Mode Effect Analysis | PMO Preventive Maintenance Optimization | RCA Root Cause Analysis | ODR Operator Driven Reliability


Maintenance practices | Master Asset List | Preventive maintenance | Condition Based Maintenance


Condition monitoring | Vibration analysis | Ultrasound | Oil analysis | Wear particle analysis | Infrared analysis | Motor testing


Shaft alignment | Soft foot | Balancing | Lubrication | Contamination control


Benefits of Knowledge

Improving the reliability of an industrial plant creates a safer workplace with a viable long term future where people can take pride in their work.  Many companies have tried and failed.  Many people have been put into roles where they are supposed improve reliability or implement a condition monitoring program – and they fail.  There is a lot to learn.  Managers have great expectations, and co-workers expect you to know everything just because you have the right job title.  That puts a lot of pressure on you.


But a lot of people have enjoyed exciting and enriching careers when they learned to master these topics (and optionally become certified).  It is professionally and personally fulfilling to make a difference to so many people’s lives.  When you are successful in our career you stand taller and opportunities open before you.


iLearnReliability [Professional Development] allows you master these topics and enjoy the benefits.


Certification & Recognition

Certification provides acknowledgement to your family, your peers, and management that you have the knowledge and courage to step up and be assessed on your knowledge.  The SMRP CMRP certification, and CRL certification are just two forms of international certification that provide these benefits.  iLR will help to prepare for these exams.

iLearnReliability [Professional Development] not only teaches you all of the most important topics, it includes quizzes that test your knowledge.  If you don’t pass the iLR quizzes – keep studying.  Passing our quizzes is not a guarantee of success on the exam; the CMRP and CRL* exams have been developed independently.  But we know the body of knowledge and we know what you need to understand to become a successful Maintenance and Reliability Professional and a Reliability Leader.


If you study the SMRP five pillars you will see a great deal of overlap between the topics we cover above and the individual topics listed on the SMRP Website. (The primary iLR author is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional CMRP.)

You must make your own arrangements with SMRP in order to take their CMRP exam.


iLearnReliability [Professional Development] has complete overlap with the ReliabilityWeb Uptime Elements™.  Even though we have some detailed modules that cover multiple “elements”, and we have certain “elements” broken into multiple detailed modules (e.g. alignment and balancing) we have developed modules that cover each and every “element” to aid in your study process – and to serve as an excellent reference.

You must make your own arrangements with ReliabilityWeb in order to take their CRL exam.

Uptime Elements and CRL are trademarks of ReliablityWeb.

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