PROACT Engineering Services supported its reputable partner IT Concepts at their booth in 2017 Dubai Airshow. The exhibition was a very good success where we met our clients from aviation and security industries. Customers from UAE, Saudi, Jordan, Egypt, and many other companies showed a lot of interest in the iRis DVR 5 videoscope range.


The iRis DVR 5 is designed for everyday use. With features including:

  • Light weight
  • One had operation, configurable for the left or right handed
  • Big, clear, and tough screen that is helpful for onsite inspection
  • Mechanical articulation
  • On-board scalable memory card for robust data transfer
  • Autofocus, replaceable tips
  • Can withstand high temperature at the tip for an extended inspection period
  • Comparative measurement


PROACT is the exclusive partner for IT Concepts in GCC (minus Saudi) and Egypt. We have successfully represented, supported, and served IT Concepts’ products for a range of clients in our territory including recent contracts with a major world leader in aviation, an oil refinery, power plants, and a pharmaceutical plant.

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